Default Router IP Address

For a non-technical person, it is not obvious to know the way of getting the default router IP address, and mostly it would be like 192.168.x.x (example: 192.168.l.l). And it is a fact that each wired or wireless router does equip with a private IP address that will help to configure the router in the way a user need. But it differs from brand to brand. There are no certain conditions to have the same login IP address to every router which is now available on the market. It totally depends on the manufacturer, and it is their responsibility to publicize the assigned IP address. And of course, it could be found in the router manual within the retail package.

Everyone who purchases the new router is first requested to go through the guide from the manufacturer for obvious reasons. By referring the router manual, you are supposed to get the default router IP address whether it is 192.168.l.l or something else. By using the same, you can able to access the router settings to configure it. Basically, there are two methods to do it. One from the setup disc which will do all the configuration part automatically you and another one is by accessing the router login page manually. First part will leave you with few core settings and the second one will give you full control over the options. If you ask me, I will choose the second option to make my router more secure.

Default Router IP Address 192.168.l.l

Would you like to know the way that I configure my router manually by triggering the default router IP address?

Well, just go through the whole tutorial to know the procedure of setting up the router in the way you need.

192.168.l.l – Default Router IP Address

Getting to know the factory IP address of a router is not that arduous task. But by going through the information guide that was provided by the particular router will give you the way to configure the wireless router in a secure way. Let me tell you how.

Netgear Router IP Address

The popular brand in wireless routers is Netgear. Their devices are most robust with the high quality of service. If you have Netgear router at home or office, then you should configure the wireless settings of the network using the Netgear router default IP Address which is 192.168.l.l or Both of these web addresses reflects the same router login page that opens a door for you to setup the router. For the high-end wireless devices, you may have a different private IP address.

Linksys Router IP Address

In my opinion, these are the routers with rich UI to modify the settings. Linksys routers are best as they have a large variety of dual-band routers with less impact on signal interference. Most of these routers do come with a default IP address as 192.168.l.l or 192.168.l.254. You may also try which is the dedicated web portal to configure the Linksys Wi-Fi router. They have some outstanding inbuilt features like parental control, guest network, prioritization of the media which is on the same network, etc. Other bands also have these features, but you feel very handy to adjust the settings in a go.

Belkin Router IP Address

If you are looking for the low-budget wireless routers, then you should consider the Belkin devices. These are simple to configure as they have the regular basic interface with dedicated settings on each page. You don’t feel confused while setting up the router as every option will be on a separate page. I don’t say the UI is so that great but okay with the price tag they provide. Generally, all the Belkin routers do have the default IP address like or 192.168.o.1. You can confirm it by checking the Belkin router user manual.

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TP-Link Router IP Address

The default IP Address of a TP-Link Router is 192.168.o.1 or 192.168.l.l. Previously, they do have a domain that brings the same user dashboard and now it is now retired. It is must to know the IP address of the wireless router to modify the settings as desired. It is advised to go through the manual that was provided within the package. There you will see the default login IP Address of the TP-Link router along with the device model. By knowing it correctly, it becomes easy to access the admin console of the TP-Link Wi-Fi router.

D’Link Router IP Address

The most popular router in the market is D’Link. The interface that it provides to the user is very simple with the individual categorization of options available. You will get an installation disc to configure the Wi-Fi network by yourself. Of course, you can do the same manually by knowing the default router IP address. Generally, you can access the router login page of D-Link by 192.168.l.l or 192.168.l.254 or When you asked to enter the login username and password, then you are ready to go. If not, try with another IP address provided. If you are not comfortable with the default D’Link router IP, you can change it later according to the requirement.

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Asus Router IP Address

To know the Default Asus Router IP Address you need to look at the user guide or just try the basic login IP addresses like or If you are fine getting the login dashboard, then note down the IP which can be used to setup the Asus router in future. You can even reset the router if you face any unusual situations with the router. Try improving the security by modifying the default router IP address from the settings console. Asus routers do have an excellent user interface with easy navigation. Without any confusions, you can able to tweak the router as per your needs.

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Finally, there are many more devices that are worth trying. But the above mentioned wireless routers are most commonly used by the people. Getting the default router IP address is not that difficult task and there is another way to extract the same from the command prompt. I will let you know with a tutorial on how you can know the default router IP address from the command prompt by running a simple command. Check it out without any fail.