Change Linksys Router WiFi Username and Password

Linksys Router WiFi Username and Password: Did you neighbours are using your WiFi network? Then your Linksys router WiFi network is not secured with a password. During the time of setting up your router, you can set a name and password to your WiFi network. Technically, the name of your WiFi is called as ‘SSID’, and the password is called as the ‘Key’ to the SSID. Just by setting the SSID and the Key to the router makes your WiFi more secured. Without these, anyone within the WiFi can access the internet and can even change the settings of your WiFi. In this case, you have to reset your Linksys Router to Factory settings.

Sometimes, even if you have the username and password to your router, you can find some of your neighbours are using your WiFi. And they didn’t stop there. They might use more internet than you are using which makes you pay more internet bill. That is because back in the past you may have shared your router wifi logins with them. To keep a period to such instants, you have to change the router WiFi login details. So, here in this tutorial, I’m going to tell you how to set or change a Linksys Router Wifi username and password.

Setup Linksys Wireless Router Settings?

Linksys Router WiFi Username and Password

  1. Open the browser and enter the default IP address of Linksys Router, i.e.,
  2. Enter the login credentials to access the admin page of your router.
  3. Select the Wireless option from the Main Menu.
  4. In the Basic Wireless Settings section, set the Network Mode to ‘Mixed’.
  5. Change the existing default WiFi username of Linksys router and set a new username as per your wish and select the ‘Save Settings‘ button.
  6. As you can see a page showing, the settings are saved successfully, select ‘Continue‘.
  7. Now select ‘Wireless Security‘, that is next to the ‘Basic Wireless Settings‘.
  8. Change the Security Mode from ‘Disable‘ to ‘WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode‘.
  9. Now you will be asked to enter ‘passphrase‘ which actually the password for your WiFi network.
  10. Enter the password in the blank and select the ‘Save Settings‘ button to set the WiFi password for your Linksys Router.

By setting the username and password, now your Linksys Router is WiFi secured.

How To Modify Linksys Router WiFi Username & Password?

To change the WiFi logins for your router, you can actually follow the same procedure. But with don’t need to go through that many steps to change Linksys router Wifi Username and password. Let’s have a quick look on it.

  1. Enter into the admin page of Linksys Router as mentioned in the above procedure.
  2. Once you entered into the Wireless Settings, just change the name select ‘Save Settings’.
  3. Select continue and open the Wireless Security.
  4. Remove the old passphrase and enter the new password.
  5. This time make it more secure by entering an AlphaNumeric password.
  6. Select the ‘Save Settings’ to save the newly set password.

Finally, your Linksys Router is set with new username and password. It is suggested to alter the password of your router instantly. So that, your router will be secured. And you can avoid the unknown devices that are connected to the router. If you still got any queries in setting or changing the WiFi username and password of Linksys Router, just drop a comment below.

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