Linksys Router Factory Reset – How To Do It?

Linksys Router Factory Reset: Every device needs to have a Factory Reset for better performance. No matter how, just like a PC or mobile phone, router also has RAM, Memory, Processor and all that kind of stuff which needs a Factory Reset. And you need to update the device for a performance. For that, you need to do Linksys Router firmware update.  Other than the device perspective, sometimes you may forget your Linksys Router WiFi password if you haven’t changed it for a long time. If you bought a new gadget that needed WiFi connectivity, and if you don’t remember the WiFI password, then obviously you can check it by entering into Linksys Router admin page.

But here is the thing. If you don’t remember the WiFi password of your router, then you may not remember the router admin page logins too. So to set back things into normal, it is better to go with Linksys Router Factory Reset. By doing this, your router runs with a fresh start, and you need to re-sync all your WiFi connected devices with the new password. But with the Linksys Router Factory Reset you can eliminate all the unknown devices that are connected to your WiFi router. Now the question is, how you can reset your Linksys Router for factory settings? Here I’m with an article where you can know how to Factory reset Linksys Wifi Router. So let’s get started.

Linksys Router Factory Reset

How Linksys Router Factory Reset is done using Admin Page Logins?

Follow this procedure, only when you remember Linksys Router access page logins.

  1. Open the browser, enter the default IP address, i.e., and press enter.
  2. Type the login credentials and tap on login.
  3. As you are logged into the router settings page, Select ‘Troubleshooting’ which is in the ‘Router Settings’.
  4. Now you can see ‘Diagnostics’ tab
  5. Select ‘Reset’ under Factory Reset.
  6. You will get ‘Important’ pop-up. Select ‘Yes’ in it.
  7. Now you can see another pop-up ‘Router Reboot’ that appears on the screen. Select ‘OK’.
  8. Your router will be rebooted for a Factory Reset.
  9. If your Linksys Router Factory Reset is done successfully, you can see a pop-up indicating ‘The Router is not setup yet’.
  10. Tick the agree and Select ‘Continue’, for a fresh start of your Linksys WiFi Router.

How is Linksys Router Factor Reset done using Hard Reset Button?

If you don’t even remember the admin logins of the router, then the router factory reset can be done pressing the Hard Reset button that is available on the back of your router. Follow the below instructions for a complete Linksys Router factory reset.

  1. Turn-on the router.
  2. At the back of Linksys router, you can see a Reset button.
  3. Hold the reset button for 10 Seconds.
  4. Now you can see the LED’s that are on your router blinking all at once and stopped.
  5. And now the router starts again just like a normal start.
  6. Now open the browser and enter default IP of Linksys Router at the enter bar.
  7. Type default logins of Linksys router and press login.
  8. If it get logged into the account, than your Linksys Router Factory Reset is done successfully.

With this factory reset, all your settings will be lost including WEP encryption information, MAC Address filtering information, and any SSID information you have entered. The router password will revert to the default of Admin and all user name information will be removed. Drop a comment below if you have any queries.

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