TP-Link Router IP Address To Access The Settings

TP-Link Default IP Address: When you bought a new TP-Link WiFi router for your home or office, you may know who to connect the router to PC. But, do you know how to access the internet or setting up a WiFi Password for your wireless network? Maybe your answer might be a Yes or a No. But to access or change the settings of your TP-Link Wireless Router device, you need to enter into the admin page. To enter into the admin page of TP-Link, you need to have default logins. With the help of TP-Link default login IP address and with default logins, you can complete the setup of your TP-Link Router.

Here in this article, you will know about the TP-Link default IP address, that is used to access the settings/admin page of the router. Normally, every router needs to access two IP addresses to commence its task. One is the IP that comes from DSL Modem or through the direct internet line, i.e., from ISP. The other is the default IP address of the router device. The TP-Link default IP address is This default IP address may vary from device to device. The another most commonly defined default IP address of TP-Link is Using these IP address of TP-Link, one can access the admin page by providing the necessary credentials.

TP-Link Default IP Address

What is TP-Link Router IP Address?

TP-Link Router IP address or the default IP address is both the same. And that is either or TP-Link assigns these default IP’s for a device to avoid conflicts within the routers of different models. If a device is connected with TP-Link WiFi router, then it will automatically assign a dedicated IP  to the device. As you can change the IP address of a WiFi accessing device manually, ranging from to if the default IP is And if the default TP-Link Router IP Address is, then you can assign IP’s ranging from to

How to access Login Page of TP-Link Router using IP address?

Unbox the device and connect the TP-Link Router to your PC.

  1. For better performance, avoid loose connections
  2. Turn on both the Router and the PC once instantly.
  3. Open any of the available browsers on your PC.
  4. Enter default IP address of TP-Link Router, i.e., at the address bar.
  5. Select GO

Now you can see login page of your TP-Link WiFi router with a dialog box asking to provide login credentials, i.e., default logins of your router.

Default TP-Link Router IP Address not working?

As there are many reasons for not working of TP-Link IP address, here are some of those issues with a solution add-on to it.

  • Check whether your device is connected properly to the PC or Laptop. Loose connects may result in failure of IP address accessibility.
  • See whether you are entering the correct default IP address, i.e., as we discussed before it must be either one of the following IP’s or
  • As many people type 192.168.l.l instead of, but just remember an IP address of TP-Link WiFi router will always be in numerics with Period (.) dividing the numbers.
  • One reason must be that your PC might have an Anti-Virus software that stops the Foreign IP’s. Try deactivating the Anti-Virus software or enter the default TP-Link IP address manually in the network settings.

That’s all about it!! Just drop a comment if you feel I miss anything. Or shoot me with a question if you have any.


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